Top five tips on how to create a beautiful and relaxing bathroom 

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Here at Chloe Boyd & Co. we are really keen on creating space where our Clients can really switch off and relax. We truly believe creating a bathroom which is truly beautiful and relaxing. As a result this can all help to contribute to distressing and improving our Client’s lifestyles and well-being. Having one space dedicated to relaxation is the perfect way to start. 

Our top five tips on creating a beautiful and relaxing bathroom

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1. Opt for a natural material pallet

So you’re considering making changes to your bathroom. As a first point of call consider your own style and what you like. If you’re looking to create a relaxing bathroom we suggest natural tones. If you want to create a quirky bathroom, consider doing this in your downstairs toilet. Sometimes quirky environments can be busy and if you’re creating a stress free zen space, try and make sure its paired back. For example follow a more decluttered approach. 

Natural tones we love and suggest could be anything from white, off white, beige, taupe, black, green and grey. As a result this creates a link between you and the world outside. All of these types of tones and pallets executed correctly are unlikely to date. Unsure on how to execute this kind of approach? Our design consultations could help you!

Think about paint as well as tiles, what paint colour compliments the tile? Not every wall needs to be tiled either! Indeed this be a cost saving, whilst it can also help to soften the space seen as tiles are a hard finish. 

Furthermore, once you have your tile and paint colour nailed down, don’t forget to consider a complimentary finish for the taps. Consider matt or brushed finishes for a paired back easy to clean finish. 

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2. Optimise the space

If you’re short on space and you have a separate shower and bath, consider connecting these. Although having these two separate can be a nice luxury. Having a luxury of space and clever planning can be much more attractive. A well planned small space will naturally will feel larger.

That said, perhaps you have a large bathroom, keeping these separate can work really well. Look at introducing double sinks and large vanity units and mirrors. All of these can contribute to creating an aesthetically pleasing space. A badly planned large bathroom can feel empty and cold, make sure the pieces used are the right size and every piece is positioned correctly. Optimise the space you have! Try and consider other bathrooms you have seen with a similar footprint and how they have achieved it. 

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3. Plan your storage options properly for a decluttered approach

Storage within a bathroom is paramount to creating a relaxing and beautiful space. It is not only essential to making sure you have a simplistic space which is decluttered, it also look great too. If you have a particularly large bathroom, introducing a bespoke vanity unit to the space is the perfect way to introduce bespoke beauty and luxury. 

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4. Introduce ambient and beautiful lighting 

Lighting comes in all different forms and introducing different types of lighting is key to really taking your bathroom project to the next level. Introducing extra touches like LED lighting, underneath storage or around a mirror can be a subtle way of introducing added luxury. Try and look at warm white for ambiance and warmth which will suit your natural colour scheme, as appose to a white light. If you can look at ways of introducing elegant pendant lighting near the vanity unit which can be switched on of an evening, alongside functional downlighting too.

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5. Style those all important finishing touches with thought 

Really consider everything you have on display, right down to the bottles and the towels you’re using, do they work with the scheme you have gone for? If they don’t look into alternative options. Introduce beautiful ceramic vases and add in fresh cut flowers in the warmer months and dried flowers in the winter, make it feel special for you and your guests.