Q&A with Chloe Boyd the North West Interior Designer

We give an insight into Chloe Boyd the North West based Interior Designer and Founder of Chloe Boyd & Co.

Describe your style 

Minimal and contemporary whilst having a sensitivity to vintage pieces and a timeless approach to materiality.

What inspires you?

I take inspiration from so many different places, especially art galleries, architecture, vintage shops, floristry and the natural world. I’m also particularly inspired by makers and crafters, I love meeting new local suppliers and being able to introduce them into the interior design world. In turn each piece helps to create the interior and with every piece having its own story, I feel incredibly lucky I’m in a position to be able to orchestrate that.

Which Designers do you like? 

I can appreciate so many different designers for different reasons. To name a few, Le Corbuiser for his approach to architecture and philosophy, still so current today. Kelly Wrestler has a really inspiring approach to design, pushing the boundaries creating really unique spaces. Axel Vervoordt style is truly stunning, he has a real appreciation for art and collecting and this really shows through his design work. 

Why Interior Design? 

Looking back the signs were all there. I remember designing a dolls house and purchasing scale figures from the local shop with pocket money. My parents always encouraged me to decorate my room and purchased period houses in need of renovation work, so every house we lived in was a project, something was always happening. I picked a lot up from working away with my dad, I always enjoyed all of those things. I excelled in Art in high school and creative subjects during my A-Levels, so when I found out you could go to university to do Interior Design and the rest was history! 

What is the most frustrating thing about your job role? 

There is a huge misconception of interior design and what the job actually entails. There are a lot of TV programmes that unfortunately don’t do the profession much justice. I will always remember the first day at an open day at Manchester School or Art, where I studied my BA, I watched the head of department, in complete ore of her. Her opening line was, “if anybody here is sat here and think in interior design is about plumping cushions then you have it completely wrong”. At which point lots of students actually looked around in disgust and some actually left the room. However for me, that was when I really began to get excited (although admittedly a little scared!). As I looked at the presentation behind with a visual of  an architectural building with a snippet of the buildings interior. 

People often think designers are out shopping or choosing curtain fabrics and turn projects around within a matter of days. This couldn’t be further than the truth! Interior Design projects have an extensive process and some projects can take a number of years. If cushions do get specified they are very small part of an interior design project.

Best advice to give aspiring designers?

See if you can do some unpaid work experience in different sectors. Find a field you like for example, perhaps try commercial design, residential design or set design. Assess if its definitely you want to do as most Interior Design employers require a degree in Interior Design. That in mind, study interior design, take part in any additional work you can. Get to know the lecturers, be kind to everybody you meet. Interior Design is a small industry, recommendations go a really long way. If you’ve already got an Interior Design Degree then perfect! Approach companies who’s design work interests you. See if they have any roles available, give them a call or think of creative ways of making your CV stand out.

What is the most rewarding thing about interior design? 

Without doubt handing over a project and seeing the joy on a clients face! Some Clients decide that they want to have a big reveal and stay away from site visits, so when they see a real transformation it’s completely out of this world. 

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