Top Christmas Trends from an Interior Stylist

With Christmas around the corner we share our top three Christmas trends from our Interior Stylist.

Sourcing our Christmas Decorations from a handful of especially selected suppliers. We take great pride in the suppliers we work with and work hard to provide an exclusive approach for our Clients. Whilst alongside florists to create the perfectly decorated space.

With our expertise in Interior Design and Styling we get to know each individual style and allocated space. From there a guide on ideas for your home is provided. Once we have nailed the style, budget and ideas throughout, we work away in the background to make sure everything comes together. Finally, we style the space perfectly in time for Christmas celebrations.

Take a sneak peak at our latest top picks for christmas styling

I’m dreaming of a…

White Christmas

Recommended for home which are neutral in colour palette, whether that be new or an old property. This can help to provide a cohesive look and feel throughout your home. Investing a little extra in some neutral decorations could go a long way. Instead of spending small amounts on inexpensive pieces, try and look out for quality pieces you can reuse each year. If one day you want to introduce more colour to your Christmas scheme you will have a gorgeous neutral base to add to at any point!

Traditional Red & Green Christmas

You just can’t beat a traditional Christmas! Perhaps you’re all about the traditional colours. Introducing lots of red and green is guaranteed to really get you in the festive spirit. Introduce these beautiful colours through floral arrangements and small touches of red using ribbon and accent baubles.

Pop of colour Christmas

Perhaps you have a love of a certain colour and/or it lends itself well to Christmas or your existing space. Introduce this tastefully, thinking about the tone of the colour and how it sits with the rest of the accessories. Are you able introduce this accent so that it looks timeless and you could use it year on year? If the answer if yes, then go for it!

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