What is Interior Styling and why does it make a difference?

Our recent installation at the Victorian Residence in Cheshire Project is the perfect example of explaining what Interior Styling is and why is makes such a big difference to any Interior.

As Interior Stylist’s we are experts in proportions, colour balance and are accomstmed to working on a variety of different briefs. Meaning we are able to make sure each space is picture perfect without eliminating its core structure. Our Client purchased some of their own furniture items and they wanted to really bring their interior project to life. Therefore, Interior Styling service was the best approach for this project. Considering their unique style, interests and preferred colour palette. Some Interior Design elements are present, however the focus was particularly on the Accessories and Styling.

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“Chloe brought our lounge and dining room to life. The finished result was breath-taking – we are still in awe at what she has done – our rooms have personality and are just absolutely gorgeous. The finished result was so amazing I was in tears!”

How Interior Styling Begins

We start everybody project by getting to know our Clients unique taste. Our Victorian Residence Clients particularly like an industrial style, companied with cool tones like off whites, greys and blue accents. Whilst ensuring their homes look and feel is warm and inviting.

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We presented an Initial Look & Feel mood board with conceptual ideas to them. We later received great feedback from the initial concept boards, whilst listening to their additional ideas for the space and taking those on board. From there, we looked at individual pieces for our Clients thoughts and feedback and later costed the project for further feedback. Our projects are ever evolving and we like to keep our Clients up to date throughout the project so that they feel well informed throughout.

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In the Lounge area, the property had an existing character filled fireplace and suggested introducing a log stack and basket to make good use of the fireplace. Resulting in a warm and cosy feel they desired. The mantle piece styled with a stunning statement antique mirror and vases with blossom stems. Creating a stunning still life vignette, providing the right balance of femininity and a statement to the space.

To their existing sofa custom made cushions were introduced, which had different textures and weaves. Blues toned were introduced to add a pop of colour, filled with goose down for a quality approach. A chunky high quality wool throw with tassels was draped over the sofa, helping make the lounge feel warm and inviting. Finally, the woven rug had different tones of greys, off white and blues which finished off the scheme beautifully.

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The Clients have a particular love for Gardening, introducing greenery throughout was a great success, injecting life into the space. Within the dining room a large Olive Tree and Bespoke Artwork commission by a local Artist to an area which was somewhat empty, which was too narrow to introduce any larger pieces.

Either side of the chimney breast had existing well made shelving with cupboards below. We collectively decided this would be a great area to introduce antique mirrors to help highlight the bottom section as a bar area. Introducing smoked decanters and glasses and textured flutes which tonally and texturally work perfectly with the scheme, added depth and interest. Bottles of choice, herbs that work well with cocktails and a cocktail book within the bar. Above the bar area on both sections, various accessories based on our Clients interests and taste. Photo frames, vases, tea lights and books considering their love of travel, gardening and cocktails are all displayed within the heart of the property.

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All of these elements really helped our bring this property to life. Adding, tones, textures, personality, interest, talking points and functionality. The vast majority of these items can styling differently in different areas too and have different functions. That way our Clients can continue to style their home year on year. Adding in and relocating items are their leisure. Having this initial base of Accessories is a great way to begin to style any home.

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