Our Cheshire based Client’s came to us for an Industrial look and feel which we introduced throughout our Interior Design and Styling knowledge.

They had felt previously that they had purchased pieces that they weren’t exactly what they were looking for. Finding themselves making expensive mistakes and replacing items over time. They wanted to nail the process first time around on their new property. During our extensive discovery process and meetings, we took the time to get to know our Clients taste’s and what they were trying to achieve. After showing them some initial timeless ideas they were really pleased in the direction the project was heading.

As they had purchased their own industrial style furniture, we looked to provide them with our Interior Styling service, rather than providing and Interior Design service. Whereby we introduced Accessories and finishing items like; bespoke antique mirrors, an artwork commission, curtains, cushions, vases, throws, plants and more. We introduced their love of blue tones tastefully. Whilst tying in black tones for the black and warm copper to give that industrial feel they both desire. Proposing items they will use everyday and will not only look great but be useful too based on their interests.

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