How Interior Designers can add value to your renovation project

We share our most valuable qualities throughout the blog post below. Whether you’re looking to avoid design blunders that cost you money or experience show stopping results, interior designers can add a range of different values to renovation projects.

1. Increase the sale value

Interior Designers are typically known for creating innovative designs and show stopping results. So if you would like your property to be the one everybody wants to get their hands on, interior designers are able to provide just that. Creating a space that potential buyers will be biting your hand off to purchase! Properties can often exceed their value by buyers going into bidding wars too.

2. Advise on where to spend and save money

Spending money is a big deal! The money is spent in the right way is crucial if you’re looking to make money on a renovation project. Interior Designers have a wide range of supplier and trade knowledge, so they have the ability to open doors to get to to where you need to be. They are able to look at images you are aspiring to and guide you in the right direction of suppliers, who can achieve those results for the best possible price. 

A good designer should most importantly always listen to your aspirations as a first point of call. If you are really keen on making savings, the designer should have the ability to think on their feet about ways of saving money. For example; they may advise on the purchasing of vintage items that are stylish and suitable for the project, over the purchase of brand new pieces. Furthermore they are able to suggest what pieces are worth investing money in and what pieces aren’t too.

3. Avoid design blunders that cost you £££

If you’re considering spending a large sum of money on any project, get an interior designer involved for a professional opinion. They can advise whether they think it would be beneficial to spend the money or not and also be a second pair of eyes. They consider the functionality, details and other finishes within the space and whether they would be a good match, whilst creating a show stopping space.

For example whilst designing a bathroom, they make sure every single detail is considered. Right down to positioning heated towel radiators, positioned at the right height when you get out of the shower. And of course, making sure they’re stylish too and in keeping with the design. Nobody wants to get out the shower and feel cold! Worse yet, make a messy alteration to change the radiator position after installation, costing time and money… to only find out all of the tiles are discontinued, to then need to replace all of the bathroom tiles! 

4. Knowledge of the right materials

Interior Designers have a broad knowledge of different types of materials and are accustomed to finding various different options for different clients, who have a different design brief, budget and taste. You’re always guaranteed to find a suitable material. 

They also have a sample library which they have compiled over years with various suppliers. This way you can browse at your leisure, whilst they accompany you. Giving advise yon what would be most suited for your project. Rather than looking at images online, ordering, hoping for the best that it looks great and is fit for purpose. Designers review finishes properly with you and inform you on the decisions made. Making sure you’re never having to pay double the price by purchasing twice, you get it right the first time. 

5. Communicate with trades so you don’t need to

Designers are stickler for details! They provide extensive detail drawings for the team who are working on site to follow. If something isn’t quite right upon installation, those conversations can sometimes feel awkward. Interior Designers are used to approaching these in right way so everybody can be in agreement. They will discuss any potential problems with trades or suppliers, so you don’t need to worry. They want the best outcome for you and your project, that is what you’re paying them for remember.

6. They become a sounding board for you

Everybody has been in a position where there are too many chefs in the kitchen at some point! Lots of people struggle to agree with their ideas, which can often result in disagreements and disgruntled family members. 

Believe it or not, designers are completely used to this! They often become sounding boards, listening to all sides of a project, and they are able to provide clever ways of achieving the right result and honest design advise.

Introducing a designer should create a successful project that everybody can smile about. 

7. Save you time

We’ve all head that age old phrase ‘time is money’, sadly it very much is! Interior Designers dedicate their working time to projects and have experience in what they do. Some people who manage their own renovation projects are often slipping off during work hours to take calls, to only get home to find out works have been carried out incorrectly. Spend evenings and weekends trying their best to complete the works and ending up resenting the process. Designers co-ordinate the design with trades in a much more time efficient manner, so you can continue with your job, evenings and weekends.

8. Takes the stress away from you

With so many moving parts to an interior project, designers are experts in facing problems and overcoming them in the right way. They are able to considering electrics in co-ordination with furniture, planning a schedule of works, communicating with trades, dealing with delays, finding alternative options where needed and managing installations. All of which can all be really stressful process and is not for the faint hearted! They deal with all of these possible problem areas, so you don’t have to. 

9. Experience show stopping results

The moment you have eagerly been waiting for, the installation! From the initial stages where you discussed your ideas with your designer they have now turned into a reality. You’re welcomed back into your interior with a beautifully finished space, its everything you could have wished for and you can’t wait to host all of your family and friends. 

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