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It is worth hiring Interior Designer?

We believe in creating a high value service for our Clients and have put together a blog post on how interior designers add value to renovation projects so you can find out more.

Hiring an Interior Designer should be a nice experience. They should listen to your requirements and ideas. Create exciting presentations, which begin to illustrate ideas, to make you feel excited and inspired. Once you’re both on the same page, they will begin to make those aspirations become a reality.

It is particularly useful hiring an Interior Designer if you have a specific end goal for your interior project and you’re considering spending a large sum of money. For example, you’re referring to Magazines, Pinterest and Instagram images for inspiration. A vast amount of images you will see on these platforms have had the involvement from an Interior Designer and/or Stylist. These professionals are experts in their field and are experienced in achieving high quality results.

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When is the right time to hire an Interior Designer?

As early as possible if you’re considering making changes to a space, that way they can help to co-ordinate electric layouts, finishes and not just the smaller finishing touches.

It could be as early as the pre purchase of a property. A good Interior will guide you on where to spend money to avoid any expensive mistakes.

Don’t worry if you feel you could be too late either. If you’ve made some changes yourself, we are able to offer consultations which could help resolve anything you’re not too sure on.

Do you work with Architects?

Yes we work with Architects. We recommend hiring an Interior Designer at the same time as you hire an Architect. That way they can work together to create the best end result.

How much does hiring an Interior Designer cost?

The price of hiring an Interior Designer can vary depending on every project. This is because no two project briefs are the same. We take the time to understand your requirements, once we have an understanding we recommend which service you require from us.

Full Interior Design Service is our most expensive service simply because requires the most amount of time allocating.

Interior Styling is our mid range service. This is offered to Clients who are completing their interior project or they have purchased their on furniture items already, who are interested in working with interior accessories like; vases, artwork, textiles and so on.

Our Interior Consultation service is perfect for Clients who do not want to spend a lot on design fees. We are able to provide one to one time with you in a space and later provide expert recommendations which you can begin to implement yourself.