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Manchester Apartment Interior Design

We are delighted to add this contemporary Manchester Apartment Interior Design into our Portfolio and are very much looking forward to completing the project during 2024 for this young professional who occupies the space.

Brief & Scope of works

  • A newly renovated Kitchen replacing the currently outdated design. Introducing darker tones into the kitchen. Whilst the project has lots of stunning natural light and views across the City Centre of Manchester, introducing dark tones in areas will be a key feature throughout the project as a space like this can certainly benefit from this kind of tones.
  • Introducing luxury textiles will be a key feature throughout the scheme. The existing large windows with views across the City will benefit immensely from introducing bespoke curtains which will run the full stretch of the building,
  • Throughout the lounge layout curves can be seen throughout the interiors, whether that be through furniture, bespoke joinery, rugs and accessories, introducing these soft shapes, really breaks up the existing lines of the building. Creating comfort and softness.
  • A limewash textured wall finish is to be introduced throughout, adding a contemporary touch and bringing the apartment into todays modern world.
  • Two newly designed Bathrooms, introducing a textured seamless finish throughout the bathrooms. Ensuring the bathrooms have a stunning seamless textured effect similarly to the textures walls throughout the rest of the space. Introducing modern sanitaryware throughout and paying close attention to detail to lighting.
  • Contemporary abstract Art can be seen which will be commissioned by a local UK artist.
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