Air BnB tips from an Interior Designer

Throughout this post we share our top tips from an Interior Designer which you can implement to create a high end look and value experience for your Air BnB or Rental Home. We are experienced Interior Designers and Stylists, who are experts in creating a high value service to our Clients and wanted to share our top tips, so that you can implement right away!

Consider your target market 

Really consider why you started this and who your ideal customer is. Are you looking for young couples who are looking to spend a couple of nights? Is there plenty to do in the area? Or is your location relatively remote? Are you looking to target an older target market with more disposable income? Are you near local attractions suitable for young children and are considering furnishing for young families? Once you have an understanding of your ideal Client, you can really begin planning!

Think about your location 

If you’re a little stumped on your target market, really consider the area in which your property is located. Consider the people you see day in day out, what their interests are. Is there a really popular attraction near by? Who would typically visit? What happens at all of the different times of the day and night? You might find there are a couple of different target markets, thats ok too, just keep these people at the forefront of your mind. How much they would typically spend on a stay and what would their expectation level would be.

Stand out from the crowd 

Standing out from the crowd will not only get people landing on your ad for your home but it will get people booking stays. You don’t need to be reserved when it comes to the design, yes you want to make sure people can relax and feel at home. But again, really think about your target market and what they might like to see. Consider a statement piece that is going to get you noticed and recognisable. Perhaps an occasional chair, bold print print and a stunning paint colour. All of these are guaranteed to get people drawn into your property. Once its picture perfect, they can show photographs to all of their friends!

Air BnB tips from an Interior Designer
Interior Designer Manchester
Air BnB Designer
Interior Designer North West
Manchester Air BnB by Gryzwinski+Pons

The practicalities

One of our top Air BnB tips from an Interior Designer would be once you’ve nailed who, how and why is going to be used really consider the appropriate finishes. No matter who your target market is, we are all human! You want your guest to feel like they can really kick back and relax, right? So that in mind, avoid white and really light finishes. This will save you lots of cash in the long run on cleaning bills and having to replace furniture items.

Make your customers feel comfortable

Think about the message you’re trying to portray. Do you want them to come back again and also rave to all of their friends and family? Spend a little extra on the mattress, add a topper, opt for a high thread count or linen, make sure everything is goose down feathers. Go for a super luxury approach for when they go to sleep. Spending a little extra here will go a long way. Introduce blankets in the lounge and logs if you have a log burner. Introduce different sources of lighting like table lamps and wall lights, consider warm white rather than bright white. Add a dimmer switch. Make the space feel warm and inviting. Think about the things that make you feel comfortable when you’re at home and what makes a difference to you and how you can implement this for others.

Add special touches 

Prepare a guide book of your favourite places in the area. Include a real variety of things to do. Think about things that they might find useful. Guest Book ideas;

  • Map of the area
  • Local supermarket
  • Transport Links
  • Taxi drivers you trust
  • Local Artists and Makers
  • Local Restaurants and Hidden Gems
  • Art Galleries
  • Museums
  • What’s On
  • Local Walks & View Points
  • Famous Architecture
  • Landmarks
  • Interesting History about the Building or Area
Air BnB tips from an Interior Designer
Interior Designer Manchester
Air BnB Designer
Interior Designer North West
Manchester Homeware Store showcases English Makers

Think about how the book is presented, whilst make sure it can be used by guests time and time again. Ok they might already have their time mapped out and you might not share similar interests, but its the thought that counts! Make them feel like you have really thought about them and what they might want to do. Or better yet what they shouldn’t miss out on! 

Provide every guest with a small gift, whether that be a couple of bottles of local craft beer, artisan chocolate, a loaf of handmade bread with a hand written letter, something that will instantly help to settle them in and welcome them. 

Have professional photographs taken 

Now you have the ideal space that anybody would be delighted to stay in. Make sure you show it off to its full potential. Don’t scrimp on the photography! A good Photographer will be able to show off all of the best angles and make your property eye catching. We recommend Charlotte Palazzo for all of your photography needs. Having poor quality with bad lighting will instantly make your property just another property and won’t grab your ideal customers attention. Think about your competition or a property that leads by example, majority of these they will have invested in photography to show it to its full potential. 

Air BnB tips from an Interior Designer
Interior Designer Manchester
Air BnB Designer
Interior Designer North West
Manchester Air BnB by Gryzwinski+Pons

Consider hiring a designer to increase your rental value 

The truth is lots of the high value super host spaces have had assistance with the Interior Design of their space. Unsure about hiring an Interior Designer? Read about the value of hiring an Interior Designer. Designers are able to introduce show stopping ideas that should be eye catching for your customers. Help introduce those special touches. Provide a wide range of fabric options that are hard wearing and cleanable. Most Interior Designers have experience with working with different suppliers, budgets and lead times to suit every Client.

What is the cost of hiring an Interior Designer for an Air BnB?

No two projects are the same, different projects often require different levels of service. For example Full Service Interior Design, is likely to be a higher bracket. Interior Styling is a mid range service and you can hire Interior Designers for Consultations too. A good designer should provide you with a high value service and in tern save you time in and money in the long run. Designers can also increase the rental value, helping you to become the property that everybody wants to book!

We hope you found our Air BnB tips from an Interior Designer useful. If you would like that really high end, high value space, get in touch today. We are able to really guide you through the process and visualise each space, providing inspiring presentations and mood boards so that you can really get excited about your business venture!